How to Create a More Organized Home + Printable Organizing Checklist

If I can be quite honest here (which I think I can)… My house is far from organized.

Not from lack of trying, but when you move from a house with a garage and an attack to a house without a garage and attack you lose a lot of places to hide things… like your husband giant toolbox that currently resides in our living room (I can’t make this stuff up…)

I have been trying and trying an trying to make due with what we have going on until our circumstances are better and we can finally build our much-needed shop. But despite all my effort my house still manages to look like an over cluttered train wreck a majority of the time.

This past week though, I decided to go into combat mode and tackle the mountain of a mess that I call my home.

I am heading back to school January 15 and knew if I didn’t get it done now, it was just going to get worse before summer so putting it off any longer was not an option.

With the help of my planner (which you should totally check out because it has been a game changer for my productivity) and an organizing checklist (I made on for y’all too!), I made a huge impact on the chaos.

>>>Grab the checklist here!<<<

Here is what I did:

Step One: Create A Game Plan

I grabbed my planner and wrote down all the stuff I had going on for the week to get an idea of what days would be busiest, and what days were slow so I would know what I would be planning around.

When I had a better understanding of how my week was going to look, I picked an area for each day.

For instance :
Monday I did the kitchen because I didn’t have a lot going on and I knew I really wanted to get in there and purge and organize.
Tuesday was bathrooms because that was a busier day and my bathrooms are one area of my house that isn’t a total disaster.

Then from there, I handled my bedroom, my daughter’s bedroom, the living room (to include my husband’s toolbox. Yes. I cleaned it out). And the playroom.

Step Two: Create A Checklist or Download Mine Here!

I then created a checklist for each room of the house. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

You need to literally think of everything that makes your house cluttered and write it down.
Think of every nook and cranny and cabinet and closet that needs to purged and write it down.
You need to recognize all areas of chaos and make sure that it gets written down, otherwise, you will walk right past it and it will get ignored again, for another 6 months.
Your checklist needs to be the most detailed thing you have ever done.


As you are going through your checklist you need to be asking yourself a couple questions.

1.When was the last time I used this? More than 6 months ago, say bye you will never use it again.
2. Is it expired? (seriously, I had spices from 2013 I didn’t even know my husband in 2013, so I don’t know how that is even possible….)
3. Is it broken or missing a piece. I am so terrible at keeping something that is missing a piece because I think I can replace that piece and then I NEVER DO. I had a magic bullet for like 6 years that was just missing one piece and I just now got rid of it. Say goodbye your house and heart will thank you.
4. Does it fit? I had my son almost a year ago and was so convinced that I was going to get back into my pre-prego pants… I kept them and kept them and kept them because I just knew I was gonna squeeze right back into them eventually. Well I can’t childbirth gives women hips and those puppies don’t really go away, but the pants finally did.
5. When was the last time it was worn? Do you really think you will wear it again, don’t just keep telling yourself you will because you probably won’t?
6. What is the purpose of this? This is a big one. My husband swears every bread tie and rubberband has a purpose. Well, it doesn’t….. SO if you cannot in 5 seconds think of what the point of the item in your hand is. Let it GO.

And Step Four! Repurpose, Rearrange, and Reorganize.

I am obviously not rolling in the dough over here, we are one income family. So I am a big repurposer.

My daughter’s room was a freaking nightmare. It took me the longest to do her room because of all the crap that she has hoarded in her five years of life. She also had no organizational system in there, obvi not her fault.

But we don’t really have the extra money to go out and by some new shelving to create a better system for her.

So I repurposed. We had a changing table in our room that was acting as a catch-all and was taking up far too much space, so I moved it into my daughter’s room. I went to the dollar tree and purchased some cheapo plastic tubs. And my goodness it was like a whole new room in there. I also confiscated one of the closet organizers we used for our master bedroom nursery (check this post out here if you wanna see how we made room for our son!) and used it for her shoes and winter wear!

After getting rid of that and gifting the cosleeper my husband built to my nephew, my room had so much more space. I rearranged a few pieces of furniture and the chaos in our room was handled!

I also took control of my kitchen by reorganizing my plastic containers, taking advantage of the above the cabinet space, and relocating my canned foods!

Simple little switches like that can really give your home a fresh look and it is prime time to get rid the junk you give a blind eye to a majority of the time.

Now it is your turn.

Take back control of your home!!!

And remember! If you don’t need it, love it, have a place to put it. LET IT GO!

>>>Get Your Home Organization Checklist Here!<<<




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