Keeping a Clean Home + A printable cleaning planner!

A few nights a week in my house we eat dinner in our living room and watch a movie as a family. This particular night it was EXTRA hot in our house (we just installed a wood burning stove) so my husband turned on the ceiling fan…Seconds later we looked down at our food to see clumps of dust laying in it.

I like to think of myself as a decent housekeeper. I keep the toys picked up, the dishes and laundry washed, the floors swept and vacuumed… But as you may know, mom-life is busy. And there are times where some things just get neglected, the ceiling fan being one of those things.

After that night I started noticing more and more things that I had been neglecting since I decided to go back to school and my workload got a little heavier.

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Dust and cobwebs on our ceilings. A booger on my daughter’s door. Corners that looked like they hadn’t been mopped in months.

I started to question what kind of housekeeper I really was? How in the heck have a let my house get this disgusting without even knowing it?

Then I really got to thinking… I never really think my house looks that clean, despite all the housework I feel like I do every day.

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You see there was a time in my life that I didn’t think it was possible for me to make my whole house clean in one day. So I decided to split it up and each room would have its own day, and then I would have daily chores on top of that. And it worked for awhile, but then slowly but surely I was no longer doing the daily room and was just doing the daily chores. And then next thing you know there was dust in my chili.

This plan obviously wasn’t work. Something had to change. It was time I reevaluated my cleaning habits and updated my schedule.

So here is what I did.

I walked around my house and made notes of all the things that looked neglected.

My bathtub. (I don’t take baths, my shower walls are clean, but my tub not so much.)
Underneath the furniture in the living room.
My overly cluttered husbands catch-all in our entryway.

The list went on…

And then I changed my cleaning schedule to this:

On Monday of every week, I will clean the whole house. Weekends in my home get messy. There are socks on the tables and dirt on the floors and catching up from that mess used to take me all week, so my house was literally never clean. But by tackling it all on Monday I am able to start my week with a clean and happy home.

And then for the rest of the week, I am just maintaining what I did on Monday. Keeping up with dishes, and picking up misplaced items. This way I only have one full day of cleaning and the rest of the week I only have to spend 30 minutes or so keeping my house tidy.

After my first Monday of trying this, my husband walked in the door and said “wow babe the house looks really good!” I have been a SAHM for 9 months and that is the FIRST time I have heard that.

I made a little mini cleaning planner to remind me what needs to be done on Mondays, and what my chores are for the rest of the week! It is a great reference to look back to!

You can grab it here!

Yeah, doing your whole house in one day can seem overwhelming at first, but you will be thankful for the break you will have for the rest of the week.

And for you working women, try this out on Sunday or split it up between Monday and Tuesday evenings after work (I know the thought of the cleaning after working makes you wanna throw up, but for the most of us, if you don’t do it it won’t get done).

>Printable Mini Cleaning Planner<<

        Some of my favorite Cleaning Products!

Bona Hard Wood Floor Cleaning System– I used to use a Swiffer wet jet, but it always felt so sticky after and I hated. This system takes a little more time and work, but it is SO worth it. Your floors will never look cleaner.

Magic Erasers– DUH. Who doesn’t love these for every room in the house.

Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar- Mix equal parts dawn and vinegar. Spray on your tub and let sit a couple hours. All that nasty junk will come right off!

Microfiber Cloths-Ever since the ceiling fan incident I am really trying to keep the dust down in my house and these cloths really help!





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