10 Personlized Gifts For Her

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me then you have a few people in your life that you just struggle to find the perfect gift for.

My kid’s shopping. Easy peasy. Purchasing something for my mom and dad no problem, but my husband… Never have any idea what to get that man. If your husband is a hard man to shop for and he loves the outdoors then you should check out the gift guide that we created “The Ultimate Gift Guide For Outdoorsmen”…

However, this post is for the ladies in your life. Your friend, your sister, or sister-in-law. Maybe even your mama!

I have compiled a list of my favorite top 10 personalized gifts for the ladies in your life on Etsy! And I am so excited to share it with you!!

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This guide is perfect for any occasion really, not just Christmas!

Here we go!

1.Personalized Planner Cover- I love this planner cover, it comes in so many different colors and you can get it engraved with your initials, name, really whatever you want! I actually just ordered one of their a4 binders, but this precious thing is to go over your Erin Corden or Happy Planner!2.Personalized floral travel cup– I am so in love with these personalized coffee cups. They are perfect for not only the coffee lover in your life but any lady who always has a drink in hand!

3.Personalized spa basket– This basket is the perfect way for the woman in your life to pamper herself. Complete with skin rescue balm, lip balm, muscle rescue balm, bath salts, and soap! All of your choice of course! Wrapped up in a gift basket, with a message from you!

4.Monogram Sherpa Pullover– This pullover is personalized with your ladies monogram! It looks super soft, cozy, and warm! I think I will add this to my wish list this year!

5. Monogram Jewelry Dish– I can’t count how many times I have taken my wedding ring off to put on lotion or wash my hands and laid it somewhere…. and then spend the next 20 minutes wondering where I put it. I can’t be alone on that! This jewelry dish is the perfect way for a woman to keep up with their small jewelry pieces. And it is super cute!

6.Personalized Backpack-As a mama, I can’t think of many things more useful than a good bag or backpack. I never carried a purse before I met my husband, then he forced me into carrying one (after I left my wallet at home when we were going out of state..whoops) so I compromised for a very small one. Then I had my son, and now I carry a very large bag and his backpack everywhere. So this backpack is a definite want for me, it is super cute, has a ton of storage and it’s personalized. win. win. win.

7.Personalized Cash Envelope Wallet– So, I just started the cash envelope system and I am really loving it. But with this wallet, I think I would love it even more. If you have any budget-minded women in your life, then this is the gift for them!

8.Personalized Journal-Journals are always a good gift for ladies! We have lots of things to write down, and never have a piece a paper to write it on. These customized journals are cute and functional, pair it with a nice pen and you have a gift any woman is sure to love and appreciate.

9.Monogrammed Pajamas– This simple gift is personalized perfection. Who doesn’t love a good pair of pajamas!

and finally!

10. Monogrammed Hat– The last thing on the list today is a monogrammed hat! Being a mom, I have lots of bad hair days and hats save me! And a hat is a gift any girl is sure to love!

There you have it! 10 personalized gifts for her!! I hope you love all these ideas and find them super useful! And don’t forget to check out my other gift guides!



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