Why You’ll Never Last in Blogging if You’re Just Blogging For the Money

I took a little hiatus from my blog. I needed to regroup, get my mind in a different place. And quite honestly I was just bored with it already.

I started my blog with this awesome dream in my head, I was just downright certain it was gonna come true. I knew that all I had to do was slap up some blog posts that had to do with stuff that all the moms on the internet were googling and the fans would come pouring in and the money would be right behind it.

That is where I went wrong… I wasn’t doing it for me. I wasn’t doing it for you. I was doing it for the money. And I mean can you blame me? When you read income reports about bloggers making over $10,000 a month. Who wouldn’t want to be that financially stable? Especially, a stay at home mom, with a new baby, and a new one income household. I was so overly determined to make this work, that after about a month of it, I knew it wouldn’t.

So I took a look at what I was doing, what I was writing about, who I was pretending to write to. And it was all a load of crap. I don’t like to write about organization because I am not an organized person. My house and brain are equally chaotic and while I can make a functional junk drawer, I cannot make it last for more than a week. That is just not me.

The idea was good, I brought in over 300 newsletter subscribers in about 2 weeks time offering them a plethora of organizational printables that I painstakingly made in Word in hopes that they would eventually make me millions. But guess what, they didn’t. Because none of those 300 + subscribers give a crap about what I have to say now because, what I really want to talk about has not a thing to do with organization.

I knew what I needed to do. A rebrand, yes a rebrand already after only about a month and a half into the game.

I know a lot of bloggers say that you are not supposed to be writing for you, you are supposed to be writing for your ideal audience, and I get that. But my ideal audience has nothing to do with organization, my ideal audience has to do with just being a mom. A mom who wants 15 minutes to herself so she can sew those curtains she has been trying to sew for the past month. Those are the people that I am looking for because that is something that I am a rockstar at. I am the QUEEN of alone time, I love it. I live for my family, but I need time to be me or all of our lives will be miserable. I could talk all day about the power of just getting 5 minutes to yourself to do something that you want to do, not cook dinner, or a wipe a butt, or wash a dish. Five minutes to read a book, or paint a picture, or go pee without your baby learning how to pull up on your legs while you are sitting on the toilet.

So I took a break. And rebranded. And learned how to use Adobe so I could make pretty printables that I love, and I could quit wasting my time on Word to make printables that I hate. And I wrote an E-Book, that I will probably never make a damn dime off of because I wrote it while my audience was wanting to learn how to organize their life and not about restructuring your time to get a few minutes alone each day. But all of that is okay because I know now that if I really want to succeed in this if I am really ready to hang up my towel in the corporate world and DO THIS. I am going to have to write about something I love and to people who love the same thing as me, because if not I am gonna get burnt out and quit.

And you probably will too.

So don’t write about stuff you don’t care about. And don’t do it for the money, it’s okay to want to make money. But do it for the moms who need a break, or for the baby pulling at your legs with a sideways binky in his mouth, or just do it for you.

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That is all for now!

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