50 Hobbies For Me Time

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Having a hobby can be extremely beneficial to your life. It can create a diversion from all of those everyday things that can cause you stress and help boost your mood!

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I have always been a hobbier (I know that isn’t a word). I love having something to do when I am bored, other than watch TV or wash dishes.

Having hobbies gives me a sense of self-identification, they make me feel accomplished, and they keep me busy!

My hobbies include oil painting, vinyl crafting, occasional baking, gardening/ canning when the season is right, mediocre photography, beginner sewing, archery/hunting(my favorite), DIY crafting, blogging, and creating printables.

I have also tried my hand at wood burner (not for me, but can create some beautiful artwork), finger knitting (had to stop this one…I can only knit so many hats and headbands for my daughter that she just won’t wear) and exercise (I am officially considering the elliptical a safety hazard).

Hobbies are great things that you can do just for you and sometimes you may even be able to earn a little income off of them! BONUS.

I have compiled a list of 50 hobbies for you to try when you just need some time to yourself!

  1. oil painting
  2. sewing
  3. wood burning
  4. vinyl crafts
  5. wood working
  6. gardening
  7. canning
  8. cooking
  9. baking
  10. cake/cupcake decorating
  11. scrapbooking
  12. reading
  13. bullet journaling
  14. journaling
  15. acrylic painting
  16. adult color books
  17. archery/hunting
  18. running
  19. couponing
  20. weightlifting
  21. taking walks
  22. yoga
  23. upcycling furniture
  24. bicycling
  25. photography
  26. volunteer work
  27. hiking
  28. pottery
  29. calligraphy
  30. embroidery
  31. knitting
  32. finger knitting
  33. arm knitting
  34. crocheting
  35. DIY home décor
  36. Creating printables
  37. Pinterest Marketing
  38. Blogging
  39. Quilting
  40. Trap shooting
  41. Racquetball
  42. Swimming
  43. Zumba
  44. Kayaking
  45. Candle making
  46. Soap-making
  47. Jewelry making
  48. Fishing
  49. Website building
  50. Learning a new language

There you have it 50 hobbies for you to give a try! I challenge you to pick on and give it a go! Have another hobby? I would love to hear what it is! Share below 🙂



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