Four New Ways to Conquer Productivity

Us moms do a lot. Rather we are working, or staying at home. The majority of us are the ones who do the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, butt wiping, nose blowing, give the baths, tuck them in, and repeat.

When I was a working mama I was exhausted; as a stay at home mama, I am exhausted.

Yet, despite my tireless efforts, some days I still feel as if I could have/should have been more productive. It really doesn’t matter how many hours are in the day there will never be enough.

I have done a boat load of reading on how to be a more productive mom. I have created to do lists (still I love them), I have woken up earlier (not my favorite), I have tried to time block (impossible with a baby). Nothing was working for me. I still felt defeated by the day.

So I decided it was time to create my own solution. And I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU MAMAS!


how to be productive

  1. Call in recruits. AKA. Assign chores to your child/children. I was pretty anti chores for a good bit. I am a little OCD when it comes to how housework gets done, so I wasn’t super crazy about the idea of my daughter doing chores because I was just going to want to redo them. However, times have changed and she is now an active chore do-er. Her response to this new role “well I guess this is just what you have to do when you’re grown up.”choresYes, my four-year old hangs up all her own laundry (with the help of her baby brother of course), she is also great at folding towels, dusting, and occasionally running the vacuum. Take advantage of your little helpers, this will save you SO MUCH TIME.
  2. Take a vacation day. While I do not do this one often, I love it when I do. About once a month, I inform my husband that I am on vacation. When you work outside of the home, you get vacation days and since being a mom is technically my job I should be allowed them once in a while too. On vacation means, I am not cooking supper, I am not cleaning the house, I am not bathing the children. Vacation for me usually last 12-24 hours and I use that time to catch up on tasks that are not priorities but require a lot of time. For example, this Saturday on my vacation I created new Pinterest board covers. Or I simply just hang out and catch up on some much needed me time.being productive
  3. Shower at night. I love to take showers, they are the one and only time I can maybe get 5 minutes alone… But as you moms know, that alone time doesn’t usually last. So, I tried showering in the morning in hopes that I could get both my legs shaved before the baby woke up. Fail.  I tried showering when my husband was home, in hopes that he could tend to the children for 10 minutes. Fail. So I decided to shower at night. After everyone, including my husband, are fast asleep.  I get the baby down, let my husband doze off and I sneak into the shower and enjoy 30 minutes of alone time. You might be asking how this can boost productivity? Well, it relaxes me, gives me time to think about all the things I need to accomplish the next day, I get to unwind which helps me rest better. All in all, making the following day a better one.
  4. DISCONNECT. I love being a mama more than anything in this world. It fills me with pride knowing I am capable of raising decent humans. But that doesn’t mean I don’t also love giving my daughter head phones so I don’t have to listen to this silly Boomerang song for the 100th time or passing my teething son off to his dad once in awhile. It is okay to use the TV as a baby sitter for 30 minutes so you can get the dishes washed. There is no shame in shutting the door for 5 minutes of peace. Do what you need to do, to make you rock motherhood. To make you accomplish your never ending to do list. So you can go to bed at night and say I got done everything I wanted to get done today.


How do you conquer productivity? To do list? Vacation days? Let me know! I would love to hear from y’all.

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