The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Outdoorsman

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This may seem like a strange time to create a gift guide, but if you love an outdoorsman like I do then you know what the coming months will bring.

From September 1st to the middle of January my family runs on bow hunting. Eat. Sleep. Hunt. Repeat. And if you are reading this, then I am sure your household runs about the same way.



There’s my man, doing what he does best. (Let us hope he never reads my blog because he would kill me if he knew I was posting pics of him on the internet…)

Loving an outdoorsman has its perks, but gift buying for him can leave me clueless almost every year. I have searched Pinterest up and down, but have yet to find a gift guide for an outdoorsman or hunter! So together, my husband and I created the ultimate gift guide for y’all ladies who might need some help!

All of these products are ones my husband owns and trusts! And I hope that your men find them as useful as he has! Oh and only 19 weeks until Christmas!


  1. Outdoor Edge Knife
  2. Lacrosse Alphburly Boots
  3. Under Armour Scent Lock Beanie
  4. Nikon Range Finder
  5. Yellow Jacket Bag Target
  6. Field Dressing Kit
  7. Dead Down Wind Scent Away 
  8. Wool Socks
  9. Safety System Harness
  10. Hooeyman Tree Saw
  11. Primos Grunt Call
  12. Slick Trick Broadheads
  13. Primos Doe Call
  14. Safety System Safety Line
  15. Under Armour Scent Lock Jacket 

There you have it! The ultimate gift guide for the outdoorsman in your life!


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