What Motherhood Means


You know those moments in motherhood when you’re just in complete awe of the little being you created? The moments when they are asleep and their pure innocence is gleaming. Or when they see you and their eyes light up so big, like they know that they are the biggest part of you?

I laid down with my son last and rested my hand on his back to feel him breathe. I could see his sweet face by the glow from the window. So peaceful. So pure. It’s the moments like that that make me really understand what motherhood means.

It’s not all dishes and laundry and pick ups and drop offs. Sure on the outside, that’s what it portrays. But on the inside, it means so much more

It means comfort when they need you. It means a laugh on a bad day. It means an ear when they want to talk and a voice when they have lost their way.

Motherhood means an unbreakable bond, an unconditional love. It lacks judgment and thrives on acceptance. It instills values and self-worth.

Motherhood means giving your everything to your children to ensure that they prosper.

Motherhood is defined as the state of having or raising a child. But that child defines what motherhood really means.

When I look at my children my definition becomes clear. I am not just a mother. But I am their mother and that is my reason for everything.

I woke up this morning to him rolling around in our bed, I turned to look at him and his face lit up as he inched his way toward me.

My day will be full of dishes, and laundry, and pick ups and drop offs. But I will take on this day knowing that that is not what defines me as a mother, they are.

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