13 Questions You’ll Probably Ask in Your Baby’s First 5 Months.


Being a first-time mom leaves you full of questions. Is my baby eating enough, why won’t he sleep, is his poop supposed to be that color? If you’re anything like me, then you probably spend hours obsessing on the internet about every new thing that arises.

And let me tell you that is time wasted. Especially, if you are on a mission to start being more productive. I realized recently that I would never be able to get all the things done in the day that I wanted to get done if I spent the first 4 hours of my day in bed reading BabyCenter about why my son sneezes so much. I mentioned in this post that if you are truly worried about something then you need to stay off of google and just call the pediatrician. It will save you so much time and worry.

But if it’s a Saturday and your pediatrician isn’t taking calls. I have compiled a list of questions that I have asked/obsessed over in my sons first 5 months.

*Please note that I am not an expert, just an overly concerned first-time mom with access to the internet. This is meant just to ease your worries, and to know that you and your baby are not alone. I know sometimes that it can be comforting just to hear that you’re not crazy these things really are happening. I highly recommend, however, calling your pediatrician to receive your own bit of advice*

1. My son’s nose is so stuffy, he can’t hardly breathe. What do I do? I asked my mom this one first, and she told me to get Little Remedies Noses Saline Spray… Naturally, I thought she was wrong. There was no way in heck I was spraying something up my sweet baby’s nose. So, I called his doctor, turns out she was right (I’ll never tell her that). This little fix is safe for babies newborn and up. And it really doesn’t bother them at all. My son does a little flinch and moves on with his day.

2. Why does my son keep putting a blanket on his face to fall asleep? He also pushes himself up as close to his pillow as he can get to fall asleep. Now I do not have a real answer for this one, I am assuming he does it for comfort, maybe it reminds him of snuggling up to my chest. But after an hour of searching, I have found that a lot of babies start doing it around 4 months. So I am guessing its normal, terrifying obviously, but I have learned that if he does it then I watch him until he dozes off then gently remove it. Please note that they do make breathable blankets for babies, I would assume for reasons much like this.

3. My son’s joints pop so much, am I hurting him? Is he ok? Well, of course, he is okay, he doesn’t notice at all. From what I have gathered, the reason for this is that babies bones are ever growing, and do not yet have cartilage between them,  so they are loose making them more sustainable to that popping noise we are hearing.

4. How can I get rid of that goo in my babies eye? Expressing a little breast milk and applying it to the eye will usually do the trick. However, when my son had his first cold it also came with an eye infection and his pedi prescribed eye drops that cleared it up in a day!

5.Speaking of first cold, when my son got his he had an awful awful awful cough. Like wake up choking on mucous cough that broke my heart, I couldn’t sleep, all I did was lay there and watch him to make sure he was okay. So first, what to do when they are choking on mucous? Flip them on their belly and it will help it come out. I know this from experience, I watched my son cough up so much yuck by doing this. Also, for babies 2 months and up Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Cough Syrup works wonders. It really helps soothe them, finally allowing them to rest and heal.

6. This one might make me sound crazy, but when I was laying down nursing my son one day I noticed a small glow in the corner of his eye. It scared the ever living day lights out of me, I cannot even begin to describe the thoughts that went through my head.Turns out though that it’s just a natural phenomena and the way the light reflects through the other side. Totally normal.

7. Why does my son keep latching, pulling off, then looking around, and then latching again?

It’s called distracted nursing, and babies ages 2-6 months begin to do this. According to KellyMom This is a passing developmental stage that can be quite a nuisance – it’s usually at it’s worst between four and five months.” Your baby is starting to see better and becoming more interested in the big world around him. Unfortunately for me, this meant shorter nursing sessions in the day and more at night. An easy fix for this, nurse in a dark room with little to no distraction. Close the door, get some room darkening curtains, and keep it quiet. Do not confuse this stage the baby weaning, he isn’t he is just curious. It is so important to try and get a few good nursing sessions in during the day, and to take advantage of night ones to ensure your milk supply stays up!

8. I have strep throat, and my daughter has lice… Can he get either of those things from us? Turns out babies under the age of two very rarely get strep. And if you are nursing it is hard for them to contract any sickness from you. My pediatrician also informed me that babies hair is too thin, short, and fine for lice to really be interested in. So if either of these two things arise in your home, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. 

9. This one is for all you boy moms out there. My son’s little peepee looks a little red and puffy, what can I do about it? Apparently, being trapped in a diaper all day can cause irritation on your little boy’s manhood. His pediatrician recommends applying some diaper rash cream to the areas that gets rubbed. Such as the bottom and the top. He is all fixed up down there now! (He will probably kill me for this one when he is older. muahaha)

10. Is my son lactose intolerant? He keeps spitting up. In my son’s first month, he pretty much spit up every time he ate. I had heard about babies being lactose intolerant, so I was pretty convinced that he was. Well he wasn’t, and from what the doctor told me, it is very rare for babies under the age of 6 months to be lactose intolerant, and if they are the allergy usually isn’t diagnosed until that time.

I fixed the spit up issue by burping more frequently and sitting him up for at least 20 minutes after every feeding. 

11. Why is my son’s head flakey? Does he have dandruff? I am sure all you moms have heard of cradle cap, and that may be what that flake is. Or it may just be some dry skin, an easy fix though is to apply some breast milk (the free cure all) to the dry spot. If that doesn’t do the trick, the doctor told me to apply some baby oil after a good shampooing.

12. Why won’t my baby nurse? I know he is hungry, but he just keeps crying!!! My son was the worst about this, he would cry and cry and cry for a dang bottle (we would give him one every once and awhile so his sister could feed him). A bottle is obviously easier, and he knew that he had to work to get some milk out of them. If I could get him to latch he would only do it for a second before my let down would occur. A couple things worked to fix this issue. My husband would sit next to me and every time he would try and come off to cry my husband would drip sugar water on my breast to keep him latched. He outsmarted us on that one pretty quickly. You can try to pump to get to your let down, and once you’re there try and latch the baby. Or you can do what I did, let him cry it out. That is the advice I received from a lactation specialist. I did that one time, and have not had a single problem since. Oh and he doesn’t get bottles anymore. 

13. Why is my son scooting around the bed so much, he keeps arching his back, rolling around, and just won’t sleep? The answer I found for this one is either he is not tired, he is overly tired, or that babies tend to have more trouble sleeping when they are learning how to crawl. It’s called a motor skill milestone sleep regression. And it can happen whenever your baby learns how to roll over, crawl or stand. Babies will start to do more to make themselves comfortable at this stage, which means a lot of movement. For co-sleepers, just prepare yourself for some restless nights, and if your baby is in a crib then remember to make it as safe as possible for your LO.

I hope this helps calm your first-time mom nerves, and lets you know that you are not alone when it comes to having a million questions about your new little human. 

Take a deep breath mama, you are doing just fine.

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