About Me

Aloha ladies!

I’m Bri. The girl behind Get With It Mama.

I am a working mom and step mom. I am also the wife to my own personal Prince Charming.

I originally started Get With it, Mama, when I was a stay at home mom with my newborn son. I was looking for a creative outlet but quickly abandoned ship due to my mind being total mush.
I am sure most of you can relate.

I went back to work in March of this year (2018) and really enjoy being a working mom, but my job lacks creativity and I crave the idea of helping other women which is why I have decided to give this thing another go.

For the last few years, I have caught myself Googling things like:
How to do a cute messy bun, or what to do with my extremely dry skin.
Meal prep ideas that are quick and cheap, and how to redo a junky file cabinet.
Budget advise when my husband is not on board and the best ways to get motivated when you are flat out exhausted.

While there is a ton of information for this stuff out there for women, none provided the quick down to Earth relatable advise I needed. The advise I was getting involved expensive fixes or took too much time. I needed information that was created for different things so to take 30 minutes on a messy bun is just out of the question.

So when I didn’t find the answers I needed I took what I had and what I knew and used what we call here in Arkansas a little redneck ingenuity. I created the solutions to my problems and I want to share them you.

My main goal here?

To show you, mama, that you can get with it. That you are one of those moms that you stalk on Pinterest with the adorable outfit and fixed hair.
That you can prep great meals on a budget. That your house can be one those that stop people in their Instagram scroll (you know the ones!)
To show you that no matter what you want in this world, you can have it.

A few things about me!
I binge watch way too much TV
I dream of living on a bunch of lands in a house with ship-lapped walls and a red roof
My husband and I are big into archery and the majority of the red meat we eat we harvest ourselves
I currently work in logistics
My favorite color is yellow
My favorite foods are hot wings and avocados.

I hope you a stay awhile.