How To Use Fear In Your Favor

I have read and listened to a lot of information on “making your dreams come true” and “crushing your goals”. You know the information that tells you how to get motivated enough to work on becoming the type of person you really want to be.

And I cannot lie, I love learning about how other people have become so successful, it fascinates me.

And I have tried almost all of it.

I have tried to stop breaking promises to myself.
I have tried to just force myself to do it.
I have tried counting back in my head.

But for me, I have always found an excuse.

Well, what if I am wasting my time?
I could use that money on something else.
It is gonna hurt, and I am not interested in getting hurt. (In regards to exercise….)
Or my favorite…. I have 3 shows that I need to binge, but as soon as those are over I will start.

This is how I have lived for as long as I can remember.

No matter how bad I wanted to run a mile, or save money, or even work on this blog. I found an excuse to stop me from getting there. I was using my fear of doing something as an excuse to not do anything.

Until I was sitting at my desk at work one day, staring into blank space. I was thinking to myself I hate this job, I do not want to do it anymore. I was doing collections at the time and I HATED IT. But I continued on, out of fear of rejection. I was so paranoid that I wouldn’t get hired on at another position, or that if I did get another position I would be gossiped about or treated poorly. So I sat there for another month, miserable out of my mind. And then one day the thought of waking up in ten years and still doing that same damn job crossed my mind and it scared the crap out of me. It scared me more than my fear of rejection and my fear of being gossiped about. It scared me so bad that I got up right then and I walked my butt over to HR and said I do not want to do collections anymore please find me another position.

It didn’t take a month and I was offered a new position at my company. A new position that came with a $4.25 raise. This happened because I was more scared of what could happen if I DIDN’T get up and do something. The gossip definitely happened, and I got rejected from another position first, but neither of those things hurt me as bad as the thought of being in the same place I was at in 10 years.

After that, I started to think about how I could use this idea of turning my fear into reasons instead of excuses in other areas of my life. And it worked.

I have always wanted more time for myself and I knew that the only way I was getting that was if I woke up earlier. But I was constantly making the excuse that I needed that time to sleep, but with my new way of thinking I blurred out my excuses and started thinking well what if I would be in a better mood if I woke up earlier? What if my kids aren’t being treated as well as they could be in the morning because we are in a rush because I don’t wake up early enough? So I just did it. I set my alarm for 5 and I got up, and I spent an hour by myself and you know what? Life-changing. Seriously, I am in such a better mood that now that I have started doing this.

You are always going to fear trying something new, that is just how our minds are structured. But I have learned that if you reverse your way of thinking and create fears that can be used as reasons why you should do something instead of fears that are excuses why not do something you can accomplish anything.

You know that saying “Do it scared” that is exactly what this is.

Say you want to start running, but you are scared you won’t stick it out, so you don’t try at all. Reverse your fear into this “what if you do stick it out and you love it, but you never take the chance to try so you don’t start and you miss out on something you could potentially love.”

Give it a try.

Write down one thing you REALLY want to do.

Now write down one excuses as to why you haven’t started.

Now write down one fear of what could happen if you don’t start.

Which one scares you more, I can almost promise it is the latter.

Use your fear as motivation. One of your excuses might pop up first (like mine did when I got rejected from the first job I interviewed for), but keep that original fear in the front of your mind and let it drive you to success.

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