How To Create Your Best Year Yet-Free Mini Printable Planner Set

I haven’t ever been a planner. I have never been insanely organized. I have never been good with money. I have never been motivated enough to crush goals.

Nope. Not me… I have always been pretty content with my mediocrity, my poor organization habits, my obnoxious spending habits and lack of savings accounts, and my fear of the elliptical because I get short of breath way too easily.

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But in 2017 something changed for me.

I became a mom. (Not to say I wasn’t a mom before, but step-parenting is different).

And my new title of “mom” came with new responsibilities. I was now in charge of appointments, and insurance, and starting savings accounts, and so many more things that I wasn’t used to doing for anyone but myself…But as a MOM it is in our definition to do it all.

It was hard though. This was a big change. I wasn’t used to questioning rather I needed that 5 dollar coffee or if I should save that 5 dollars for my son’s future…

And if we are being quite honest. I sucked at it. I still suck at it. I lose appointment cards, I forget to make phone calls. I still spend way too much money on stuff I do not need or have any use for.

But something happened driving home from Christmas at my mom’s house this year. My almost 31-year-old husband started complaining of chest pains.

I was terrified. But as Mom, I remained calm and assured him over and over that everything was alright. Even though I knew his father had a heart attack at a very young age, even though I knew his cholesterol is high, even though I knew that we eat like crap and do not exercise. We spent 8 hours in the emergency room. They took blood and ran tests, and with a sigh of relief, they told us that they couldn’t find anything wrong. His chest still hurts though, so he is having to do a stress test, and we aren’t out of the woods yet.

But as I was sitting there, terrified of what “could be” I made a promise to myself that this year would be different because I am Mom now, and as Mom, it is my responsibility to be there for my son in the best way that I can be.

I need to be more organized for him. I need to save more money for him. And most importantly I need to take care of myself better for him.

I made a promise to myself that evening, that this year I will be the best me I can be, for him.

The adjustment is gonna be tough, but I am committed to the change.

And if you are too. Keep Reading.

First things first.

Find Your “Why”

Knowing you’re why can be life-changing for you. I talk a lot about this my Ebook, and I really stand by it. It is hard to do anything out of the ordinary unless you have a driving force behind it. That driving force is your “why”. My “why” for not sucking at life anymore is my son. And I am going to use him as my driving force to actually get organized, get my finances in place, be healthier, and reach goals.

There are a lot of us bloggers out there who talk about this “why” thing, and for good reason. You have to have something to push you, and you need to know what it is.

Number Two.

Invest in a Planner

Find one that is functional and not just pretty. I have a collection of pretty planners covered in dust. So I finally decided to invest the time to actually make my own that was everything that I needed.

—>You can check it out here and see if it’s the right fit for you too<—

I used Adobe Illustrator to create mine. But if you aren’t tech savvy enough to create your own, take the time to find the perfect one for you rather it is another printable planner or something like the Happy Planner. Whichever you choose make sure you have taken the time to find the perfect one so you will actually use it.

I also, invested in a very expensive leather binder to put it in, that I absolutely love and adore and it is too perfect to let it sit on my desk to collect dust. If you are looking for the perfect leather binder for your printable planner, these handmade ones from Cocoa Paper are everything and more. 

But isn’t just about investing in it that way.

The third thing to do is…

Get Excited About Your Planner, So You’ll Use It!

I spent so much time creating mine that I cannot wait for January 1 to use it.
I have all the pretty pens, and stickers, and tape and I am just waiting for the New Year to get here so I can take advantage of what I created.

Do what you have to do to get excited about using it. Rather it is because you have special pens just for it, or because it is the only time of day you’ll get alone.

Your best year yet is gonna have to start with organizing your time. It is gonna have to start with you creating routines, and habits, and plans and using a planner is the perfect way to keep track of all of this.

–>Not ready to invest in my printable planner, you can get a sample of it here!<–

Number Four.

Create Goals You Will Want To Work Towards

It is easy to set goals for things you want, but not easy to reach those goals.

You need to set goals for things you will want to work (and that are realistic).

It is also impossible to create goals that are buildable.

I really think the best criteria for a goal is those 3 things. Want to work for it, realistic, buildable… Oh and actually attainable, that is important too.

What I mean by this is don’t make a goal to lose 80 pounds in 6 months if you are not ready to change your eating habits all at once or will to exercise every day. You won’t work for it, you will be let down, it isn’t realistic to do that and it really isn’t attainable. Setting goals like this will only hold you back.

A better goal would be to say I want to lose 3 pounds in January. That is very attainable and realistic, and you won’t have to change your whole lifestyle to do it, so you will actually be able to work towards it. Once you see that you can reach that goal of 3 pounds in a month, then you can set a new goal in February to lose 5 pounds and so on. It is okay to have a number in your head of what you would like to lose in a year, but don’t live by the big number start small and work up.

And finally.

Number Five.

Make Time For What Matters.

It is so easy for all of us to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. We get so caught up with everything that isn’t really all that important and forget about what really matters.

To have your best year ever, you need to make more time for the little things that matter most. (If you want to read more about that you can here.)

I know that the task that I have ahead won’t be easy.

But I also know that my son is more important than my excuses to not better myself.

My husband and I made a deal, for every morning he goes to the gym I will run on the elliptical for 30 minutes, that way we are both being accountable for our health.

I am going to stop convenience eating, I am wasting far too much money on McChickens and they are nothing but junk.

I am going to set goals and REALLY work towards them this year.

This is me telling it to the world, so there is no taking it back now.

If I can work for it, so can you.

Want to start with a sample? You can grab that here!

Happy New Year Y’all!



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