Learning to Be Thankful-Gratitude Journal Printable

With the New Year right around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about my goals for the upcoming year.

I have been telling myself the usual things… Like I am gonna start drinking more water and less coke. I am gonna try and get more organized. I am gonna start saving money. Blah Blah Blah. All the things I know I should do, but really never do.

I am sure you are probably doing the same. But maybe for you, you actually accomplish some or all of your goals for the New Year.

Anyways, something unfortunate¬†and slightly embarrassing and awkward happened to me last weekend. And I was talking to my sister in law about it and she responds to me “it could be worse”…

And those four words hit me like I would never have thought they would.

You see what happened to me didn’t amount to much of anything in the scheme of things, but I felt the need to complain about it anyways. And after I thought it about, I couldn’t figure out why.

As mothers, we constantly preach to our children to be more thankful and more grateful for how blessed they are.

I know I am guilty of telling my daughter to eat this or that because there are kids out there who would love to have food to eat.

Ironically though, sometimes I am the most ungrateful person of all and do not even realize it.

After she said that to me, I started to think more and more about the way I act and some of the things I say. The frustrated moods I get in when my husband doesn’t thank me for cooking, or when I don’t get any help getting the kids ready for bed. When in reality he could be just as frustrated with me for not thanking him for working day in and day out to pay for our home or the food that I get to cook.

So I want to set my goals on something different for the coming year. I want to set a goal to be more thankful for everything I have. I want my eyes to open up and see things in a different way, where my frustration can turn into gratitude.

I want to work on realizing that I should be thankful that I have a family to cook for.
I want to work on accepting that sometimes my children are going to make messes and I am going to have to clean them up without a thank you. But that I should be thankful that they have the minds and the ability to play and learn and create.
I want to work on recognizing how hard it must be for my husband to leave his children every day so I can stay at home with them and that I should be thankful that he is willing to work so hard that I can.

There are so many things and feelings and actions that I could pull positivity from, but I choose the opposite. But in 2018 I want that to be different.

So I have decided to start a gratitude journal as a way to constantly remind myself of all that I have and all that I should be thankful for.

I want to share it with you here!

If you feel like you are overwhelmed and unappreciated. Look at your life from another point of view, and maybe you too are just seeing things backward.

Maybe together we can learn to see our lives through a different light!

Your new gratitude journal has 4 parts and is designed to be printed off daily. I really think it is important to recognize the goodness in every day, and not neglect it until the end of the week, or month, or in my current case YEAR.

Part 1.

A Thankful Page- For you to write down what you are feeling thankful for that day.

Part 2.

A Reflection Page- For when you are feeling anything but appreciated, blessed, thankful, grateful, happy or all of the above. Use this page to write down what you are feeling and use it to try to see things from a different perspective. This might also save you from saying what you are feeling out loud and causing an unnecessary fight.

Part 3.

A letter to blank- For you to write a letter to someone you feel like you have left unappreciated, or a letter to yourself (because we all know sometimes the person we neglect to thank the most is ourselves).

Part 4

A Daily Worksheet- For you to write down overlooked blessings, people you are thankful for, things you are thankful for, and the best part of your day. This page really zooms in on your gratitude for the day.

Oh and a really super cute cover page that doubles as a wall printable!

I hope you enjoy!

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