How To Make Room For Baby, When There Isn’t Any

I am really excited to be writing this post for two reasons.

Reason one being I get to show off how much of a handy man my husband is.

Reason two is because I get to show y’all that I am a real person, with real life problems. Not Just some internet check with make believe problems.

(I used to think that the people in the blogging world were like this one big cult of super perfect people who didn’t care at all about us normal folk. I was so wrong, they are some of the nicest people ever, and truly do care about helping out!!)

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Ok. So quick story.

My husband and I lived in a smaller house with LOTS of storage and a two car garage. We sold that house shortly after I got pregnant and bought a much larger house, but IT HAS NO STORAGE and NO GARAGE. There isn’t one linen closet, no broom closet, there just really isn’t a place to hide stuff.

We love our home. But when you go from having a place to put everything to not, it poses some issues. Especially when you married a man who doesn’t believe in throwing ANYTHING away.

(So we had a garage, with garage stuff in it, and an attic with attic stuff in it. And then we moved here. We have every intention of building my husband a shop, but those things are pretty dang high and just OTB (outta the budget) right now.)

Rather we had the room or not, the baby was going to be here before we knew it so we had to do something. Our solution for this problem? Shove everything that didn’t have a home into the baby’s room, and create a space for him in our room. Obviously, I was heart broke that I didn’t get to decorate a nursery for him… But if we are being honest he doesn’t seem to mind that he gets to live in mine and daddy’s room for now.

I really had no idea, what my husband had in mind for creating Little Brother’s space. But when we got home from the hospital and saw what he had done, I fell in love all over again!!

He took one wall in our room and made it just for baby.

 (I wish so badly that I had the pics from right when we brought him home because we had our glider in the corner and it was so cute… But it didn’t work for me, so I moved the glider out into the playroom.)

So I am no craftsman, but basically what my husband did to make the clothes hanger was drill some boards together, cut some holes, and shoved a dowel rod through the boards.

And then he put the storage hangers on the dowel rod.

We used this one but, I am not crazy about how the top bends like that. I think these ones look a little more sturdy at the top. I used these storage shelves for all of his receiving blankets, socks, his bath time stuff, all of his medicine type items, and his bibs and burp cloths. It worked PERFECT.

Then you can see in between the two, his changing table fits right in. I purchased these fabric bins to organize his diapering station.  And then just recently picked up those blue storage tubs at Wal Mart, and have started doubling his changing table as craft storage for me. 🙂 (ps. this is the changing pad cover I purchased if you are looking for one for a boy, its super soft!!! and only 4 dollars!)

Next, to that, we have our diaper genie, which I love, and recommend to anyone with a baby.  The refills are kind of expensive, but it is so convenient to just be able to change him and then toss the diaper into that and not have to worry about it stinking up our room. (And yes, I really do use my changing table.)

And for his clothes, we just bought a plastic storage drawer (at Wal Mart), which is just the right size for his little bitty clothes! Especially, since I hang most of them up on the handy in room closet my husband made for us.

My favorite part of this whole little setup was how my husband took the time to still hang up all decor that we got gifted for what was supposed to be his nursery.

You’re probably wondering where the heck the poor baby slept now! And I can’t wait to share this with you because it was SO SO SO perfect.

(BTW. These pics are terrible, I apologize for my poor photography skills, it was late.)

My handy man husband built us a cosleeper, one of those cribs that attach to the bed. All I had to do was roll over and grab him to nurse without ever having to get out of the bed.  It couldn’t have worked out better for us.

Here is a view from the side, he built two table on each side of the crib, so I would have a night stand still, and then I would have a place for the baby’s essentials

Here you can see that is connected to the bed (ignore the little space in between, I had to scooch the bed over some to get the sheet on, there really isn’t a gap between the two at all!)

This bed made nursing at night a breeze! I couldn’t thank my husband enough for making our son’s perfect little space in our room.

Was the situation ideal for me in the beginning? No. I wanted to decorate a nursery so badly, but my husband is a simple man and he has really made me see the difference in what matters and what doesn’t. Our son is healthy, and happy, and will never have any idea that he didn’t get his own room until he was a bit older.

And as for right now, I wouldn’t have things any other way.


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