How Habits Can Make You have the Most Productive Day Ever

I planned on writing this super awesome post today about how great having habits can be. But every time I started typing my son would hit his head on something, or sit at my feet and cry until I got on the floor with him. And then once I got on the floor with him, he would use my lap top as a teething toy. He just went down for a nap which means I have roughly 15 minutes to knock out a post for you guys that is hopefully somewhat useful, but probably not very readable.

Ok so needless to say, all of my habits are out the window today because I have a teething, crying, learning to stand, hit his head on everything baby.

On a normal day, however, habits are what make me rock my day and make me have super productive weeks. I have two online businesses (this blog, and my Pinterest Marketing Business), am currently enrolled in some college business courses, and have a 6-month-old. Habits are my sanity.

Due to my current time restraint, I am just gonna give y’all a brief over view of how I use habits to make me have the most productive days ever!!!

I have a morning routine habit. I wake up then make my bed FIRST THING. This way I don’t want to get back in it. I change a dirty diaper, head to the bathroom where I brush my teeth, my hair, and fix my face. If I do not do this in the morning, it will not get done. And as much as my husband loves me, I would prefer him to see me look half way decent when he comes home from work.

I have a cleaning routine habit. I do my cleaning first thing in the morning. Another thing that won’t get done unless I do it right when I wake up. I implemented a cleaning routine and it has made my life so much easier and if I didn’t have a husband and kids my house would probably be cleaner too!

Wanna learn more about my cleaning routine, check out this post!

I have made it a habit not to work when my husband gets home. I save work for the day time and play for the evening. Obviously, on days like today, it is hard to get any work done. But I am much more willing to sacrifice work, than sacrifice time with my family.

I also have made it habit to create time for myself every day. All y’all moms know that we do not get alone time. But I sure make it a point every day! Fortunately for me, I still get the benefit of nap time. Most usually I use this time for my hobbies, and I am lucky that a lot of hobbies can revolve around my work too!

Check out this list of 50 hobbies to do during your alone time!

I also have a bed time routine that has become a habit, not just for me, but for my family. We all go to bed at the same time. ALL 4 of us. At 8:45 we brush our teeth as a family, my husband and I take turns reading a story to our daughter, while the other gets the baby to sleep, and then me and my hubs get to snuggle up and enjoy some time in bed together before we fall asleep!

By knowing when everything is going to get done, I am able to schedule everything else around that. I know how much time I have to work on my blog each day, how much time I have for homework if I have to run to the store I know the right time of day to do it without it interfering with anything else that needs to get done!

Habits and routines are the way to go if you want to amplify your daily productivity and have awesome weeks, so you can enjoy your weekends!

Better finish this before my mini monster wakes up!!!

Here is your free worksheet to help you create some habit forming routines!!

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