The Beginner’s Resource Guide to Blogging

Just like many of you out there, I am BRAND NEW at blogging. When I started this blog, I thought I had it all under control. I swore I knew what I was doing… Well, I didn’t, and I still have a MILLION things to learn. 

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What I do know is that there are SO many, awesome resources out there that can make your blogging journey much less rocky. I have compiled them all together in this post to help guide you through this new adventure you are on! I hope they are as useful to you as they have been to me!


So you want to start a blog? CONGRATS, your future self will thank you!

First things first, you need to purchase your domain name. I bought mine through NameCheap, and they were super helpful with all of my questions on how to get it pointed to the correct address and all that other techy stuff I didn’t understand. Price wise, they are super reasonable. My price for the year came out to be about $10!

Then you need a place to host your blog. And not just any ol’ place, a place that will take care of your content, with excellent customer service, who will answer your questions quickly, and even at 2 am. That is not and will never be a free hosting platform. I learned this the hard way (more on this later), and I encourage y’all to learn from my mistake and invest in a hosting plan first thing. I HIGHLY recommend SiteGround. Their customer service is top notch, and they are affordable (yes cheaper than Blue Host!). They have three options : 

I chose the Start Up plan, and it only cost me about 46 dollars! And the best part the lowest price applies to any of the initial periods given, not just the longest one! So even if you only choose a 1-year plan, you get it for the same price as a three year.

$56 is a screaming deal to start your own business, and I feel like this is the most affordable route out there. (Next to going free, which as I said should never be an option.)

Before you EVER type your first post, you need to go on over to Grammarly and sign up for your account. You know in English class when they have you pass your paper to your neighbor for them to proofread? Well, that is pretty much what Grammarly does for you! As bloggers, we do a lot of reading of our content, and as humans, we naturally read over our mistakes. I know I am the worst about leaving out words and not noticing when I am proofreading. Grammarly catches those mistakes for you! They are also perfect for when you can’t decide if you should be using affect or effect! And they will point out when you mistakenly use their instead of there! I do not recommend writing your first post without them!

Monetizing Post
While making money should never be your priority, it is obviously something we all would LOVE to do. Here is a list of affiliates that have proven to be pretty profitable for bloggers!

The obvious first one is Amazon Affiliates everyone knows Amazon, and they are trusted network. Additionally, you can buy anything off of Amazon, so it is perfect for any niche!

Awin– I am sure a lot of you have heard of Awin, they are an excellent affiliate company that has a TON of programs to offer, such as Etsy! You have to sign up for each program separately, and there is a 5 dollar charge to join. But you get it back as soon as you receive your first payment!


Share-A-Sale-This is the land of all things affiliate marketing. The options of brands to represent are just about endless. Like Awin, you have to sign up for each brand separately, but from my experience, they have all been super quick to approve!

WP Engine-This is another web hosting platform that I have heard GREAT things about; it is just a little too high speed for my little site. Since I do not use them personally, I cannot recommend them for web hosting. However, I can say they have a fantastic affiliate program. They pay out $50 for every member you get to join their program. That is awesome.

ShopStyle Collective– Is a pay PPC affiliate program, meaning you get paid a few cents every time some one clicks on your link. ShopStyleThis is the program I use for my Pinterest Affiliate Marketing business (you can read more on that HERE). You don’t even need a blog to sign up for them! I am making a decent amount of money every month with this program!


I currently use two both BoardBooster and Tailwind.
BoardBooster plans start out at just $5 ( the plan I use) their free trial offers you 100 free pins! I love BoardBooster for their looping feature (meaning they will repin pins you already have, this is perfect for large boards). I love Tailwind for the convenience they allow. You can add their extension to your Chrome Browser, and pin from anywhere. I don’t have a ton of time to pin manually with a teething baby, a 4-year-old, and a husband. I just fill up my queue on Mondays, and then I do not have to worry about pinning anymore for the week.  Tailwind also has a feature called Tribes which is similar to group boards, and they are ideal for sharing your new blog content.

Tailwind is the what gives me 230k+ Pinterest views a month when I had less than 300 followers. If you sign up through my link, you will get your first month free! And after that is 15 well-spent dollars.


I think we all know by now beneficial Pinterest can be to our blogging game. With the right knowledge and tools, you can knock it out of the park with Pinterest. Fortunately, for us newbies, there are some awesome resources out there on how to get the most out of Pinterest.

  1. Pinning Your Way to Success– This course is actually for creating a Pinterest Marketing business, but Christina outlines all the steps you need to create a solid foundation on  Pinterest and how to grow your following. It is a worthy read for anyone who wants to jump start their Pinterest account and make some extra money at the same time.
  2. Pinterest Presence-By Kristin Larsen is the perfect course for anyone who needs help with their Pinterest growth, rather you are just starting out or have been in the game for awhile. She assists you with the technical side of things, from creating your pins to using your board schedule. Her technique is guaranteed to drive traffic to your blog and promote profits!

There you have it! The tools I used to start this blog!

If you are even remotely thinking about taking on the journey of starting a blog, JUST DO IT. Yes it is scary, yes it is hard work, But the creative outlet and the potential for income outweigh all of the negative. If I can do it, anyone can!


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