A Beginners Guide to Organization and Productivity

You know those moms who just have it all together, they look great, you can tell they have been to the gym in the past year, they probably drink equal amounts of water as they do coffee, and their floors are probably swept at home… You know those moms. You might be that mom. I, however, used to be this mom. Slept untilĀ 9-10, watched Netflix all day, planned out my dinner and cleaning 1 hour before my husband got home. I was in a serious mom rut, and I was losing myself. I wanted to be one of those lean mean mommin’ machines, and I needed to do it NOW. It was time to start my productivity journey.


Question 1.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
A. Check social media?
B. Lay in bed and ignore the sounds of crashing coming from your children’s rooms?
C. Roll out of bed and spend your first hour in your PJs and wait until noon to brush your teeth?
D. Wake up and make yourself look like a presentable human for the day?

Questions 2.

How many nights a week do you actually know what you are cooking for dinner?
A. I don’t cook.
B. 1 if they are lucky.
C. I try and have them all planned out, but I usually forget something at the store and throw something together 30 minutes before my husband gets home.
D. I always know exactly what we are having, and have already done my weekly shopping at the beginning of the week!

Question 3.

How well do you plan out your days?
A. What plan? We wing it.
B. I know the exact time my husband gets home so I know how much time I have left to appear productive for the day.
C. I always make a to do list… but I usually lose it.
D. My days are perfectly planned out from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.


How many times did you answer D to those questions? How many times do you wish you would have answered D? If you have read anything about me on here, then you know that my reason for starting this blog was to gain some accountability for my actions. I needed a REAL reason to be more productive and organized. I needed to tell someone (other than my husband) that I was going to wake up earlier and get ready in the mornings and actually do it. I had so many questions on how I could implement these things into my lifestyle without having a complete productivity burn out. I read and read and read, but nothing was working for me. So I decided to create this blog and answer the question myself.


And now I am here to help YOU do the same thing. My ultimate goal is to help all mamas out there to just get with it. I know we are busy, I know we work our a**es off taking care of our families, and I know we are dang tired, but the key to thriving at motherhood is to find a routine that works for YOU and learn to implement that into your life for maximum productivity.


I came up with a series of printables to help you find your perfect lifestyle routine. One that you can actually rock and make work. Not one that you will print off and shove in a binder later (guilty on multiple occasions). And I am super excited to share it with you!


Included in this Productivity Starter Bundle you will get:

A 2017-2018 Monthly calendar. Which is blank and perfect for filling in dates to remember, I use it to remind myself of when my bills are due, which weeks we have my step daughter, birthdays, and so on. Back when I was employed I marked the weeks I would be getting paid, and the estimated amount to ensure that my expenses would be covered. The options are pretty much endless.

A goal setting worksheet. We all have goals. That goal may be like mine, where you just want to be more efficient in your day to day. Or it may be bigger, like starting a business, paying off debt, or growing savings. Your goals need to be clear and concise. You need to know why they are your goals, you need to know how you are gonna achieve them, and you need to give yourself a deadline. And that is exactly what this printable lays out for you.

A daily to do list. A perfect to do list for anyone, rather they are at home with the kids or off at work. It has a morning and afternoon cleaning section, reminders for calls and emails, a dinner spot, a water reminder, fitness tracker, money expense tracker, daily to do, top priorities and MORE. This layout is sure to help anyone create a more productive day!

Meal Plan/Grocery List. Meal planning is so important in a family. It saves time and money. When you go to the grocery store multiple times in the week that is money lost. You will thank yourself when you have your meals planned out for the week. I have included a weekly meal plan with a grocery section, as well as a separate shopping list that is sure to get your meal planning goals on point.

House Project List. We all have things we want to do to our homes, rather you just bought your house or have lived there for years. We are human and we love change, and this little worksheet has a spot for your project ideas, your budget, the actual expense and your completion date. It is perfect for staying on top of things you need to get done around the house.

Monthly Budget. I think one of the hardest things in all families is sticking to a budget. So I created an easy to follow budgeting worksheet for you fill in each month to help your family stay on top of your financial goals!


Password Cheatsheet. Pretty self-explanatory here. I cannot count how many times I have had to hit that forgot password button and it waste SO MUCH PRECIOUS TIME. This little sheet is so handy for those passwords you just can’t remember.

AND finally.

A Weekly Cleaning Schedule. This cleaning schedule is drawn out so you have daily tasks such as laundry and dishes, and separate tasks for each day of the week. No more trying to tackle every room in one day. It is split up for you so that your cleaning routine won’t take up all your valuable time.

This started bundle is PERFECT for any mom or wife or anyone who just wants to get their rear in gear and be more productive and I am so super excited that I get to offer it to y’all for free!!! Just sign up for my mailing list and it will be in your inbox in no time!!


I would love to hear from y’all. Please let me know what areas in your life you are struggling in and together we can work out a plan to fix it! Rather it is cleaning, making money from home, starting your own blog, or getting into a routine; I will help you find a solution!

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