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You know those super successful bloggers out there who have it all figured out?

The ones who can turn any passerby into a subscriber, or even get them to purchase a product from their site?

I am pretty obsessed with learning how these bloggers operate. I have spent countless hours researching everything from sales funnesls, to email lists, to landing pages…but nothing was clicking.

And then it came to me.

Think of a coures you have purchased from someone’s blog. How did you get there? What drew you in? And what made you stay?

The answers are right at your fingertips, but if you need a little guidance. I have it for you.

I thought of a recent course I took on pinterest marketing, and the exact steps I took to becoming a subscriber and a customer to this blog.

1. Saw a pin on pinterest.

2. Read the blog post.

3. Opted in to video.

4.Needed to know more.

5.Enrolled in course.

As a viewer, it was as easy as that. I went from a passerby on Pinterest to a subscriber and customer in one day. This blogger had it figured out, and you can too.

First things first, you need to know what your potential audience needs. You need to know their problems, and how you can fix them. You need to provide them with useful and unique information.

Then, once you have an idea of what your audience needs it is time to come up with a solution for that problem (this will be your blog post/product).

OK. So right now, write down what you think your audience needs from you. Got it?

Now write down 3 solutions for that problem. Now how can you convert those solutions into a product?

The next step is creating a blog post to get people to actually view your page. Your post needs to provide a solution to their problem that is evergreen, meaning it will always be useful to them. Do not give out too much information in this post, they should want more from you. Also, this post SHOULD NOT provide generic information, it should stand out from all the other posts out there trying to create the same solution. You have to know why yours is different, and you need to sell that to your audience. And most importantly you need to be genuine, you need your readers to trust you.

Once you have your blog post created you need to give your readers a reason to subscribe. Create a lead magnet that draws them in, a printable checklist, video training, or email course. Something that is useful to them, making them want to sign up for your list.

K. So you have your solution, you have your blog post, and you have your lead magnet.

What is next?

Marketing. You have to market that solution.

Obviously, Pinterest is my favorite and only form of marketing.

Your pins should stand out, they should be vertical, they should use bold colors and readable fonts.

Most importantly your pins should tell your readers why they should click that pin now.

It is about urgency. AND.

It is not about you. It is about them.

For example I could make a pin that says “How I Convert Page Views into Profit”…

But no one would click on it because it is about me.

Or I could make a pin that says “How YOU can Convert Page Views into Profit Right Now”.

This tells my audience that this pin fixes their problem, and it tells them that they can do it right away. That is what people want, people want what THEY want and they want it now.

I also recommend creating multiple pins for the same posts.

So people are on your page, loving your solution, signing up for your email list.

What now? Time to create that product. Your product needs to be directly related the solution you just provided them, but more in depth (because your post and lead magnet should have given them just enough information to draw them in, but now they need to know more).

Now market that product to your email list first, they have already gained your trust. Give them a chance to buy it at a reduced rate, this provides another sense of urgency. Once your subscribers have had their chance to opt-in, it is time to market it on your blog, and to any new potential viewers.

YOUR TURN. Figure out your audience’s problem and help them fix it!!!

And if you need a little bit more guidance, you can grab a copy of my Page Views to Profit check list HERE!!!

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